Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Dennison.

Liz Dennison--4

My goal is to create your success. It is my purpose to help you fashion the best version of yourself by giving you the tools that are needed to help you rebuild your health. Yes, your success in anything that you do is determined by your health.

The foundation of health starts with nutrition and movement but it’s also about having a healthy & happy home life, cultivating rockin’ relationships (the most important one being with yourself), unlocking your spiritual potential (positive mindset), defining and taking care of your body, and doing what you love to do every single day.

Why is this so important? Having always had the passion for healthy living (and no, this doesn’t mean I necessarily lived it), after graduating with my undergraduate degree in kinesiology, I found a field that believed in the mind, body connection and helping people do what they need and wanted to do everyday…I found occupational therapy, a field in which the motto is ‘live life to its fullest.’

UntitledAfter working in various medical practices as an occupational therapist, I found that many of my clients could eliminate or improve their illness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  I also discovered that my true purpose in occupational therapy was to work in wellness and prevention and decided to obtain my training through the largest nutrition school in the world, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

As a Certified Health Counselor (AADP) and occupational therapist, nutrition and the ideal lifestyle is my life. I am wholeheartedly, 100% invested in your success- to you achieving your health goals and living your wildest dreams. I am dedicated to enriching your life and to supporting you in living each day to its fullest (in a body and life you love) with energy and vitality that you’ve never felt before!

Few More Things You Should Know

  • My favorite and most used kitchen accessory is the Vitamix (shh, don’t tell the convection oven, I really like it too.)
  • I absolutely love being in the kitchen (but not too long at one time) and creating crazy delicious recipes…especially in the form of sweet snacks).
  • My path to wellness hasn’t been perfect-during my undergraduate studies, I woke up nearly every night to have a midnight snack…‘healthy’ rice crispies that were stashed under my bed.
  • I’ve tried numerous diets, restricted and counted calories (living off nearly only unhealthy protein bars) and now I eat more than ever and also feel better than ever!
  • My hair used to be straight and things took a twist in high school and my hair is now curly.
  • If I had a choice, I’d wear yoga clothes almost every. single. day (it’s fun to occasionally get dressed up…I am a girrrrl!)
  • I recently chose to get a certification to teach barre classes because I think they are the single most fun, total-body, toning workout that I’ve ever done.
  • Vinyasa yoga is my favorite style of yoga-I love flowing through the poses.