Almond Joy Chocolate Bar


Last night I kicked off the Elevate Your Nutrition program with a group of fabulous women. I had prepared several light menu items that consisted of breakfast fare, simple & light meal options, snacks and desserts.

Oh yes, dessert definitely has a place in your healthy lifestyle, especially when it’s an upgraded, homemade chocolate bar like this one!

Without further ado…a delicious chocolate bar to end your work week and start the weekend!



Almond Joy Chocolate Bar

1 T. honey (raw & unfiltered)
1 T. coconut butter (coconut oil might also work) (*see here how to make your own)
½ t. vanilla
2-3 stevia scoops (or to taste)
couple shakes of sea salt
¼ c. cacao powder
1 T. chopped almonds
coconut flakes to sprinkle at end

Add all ingredients except almonds to a medium size mixing bowl to combine. Add almonds at the end. Pour mixture onto a small pan or plate and spread into a large rectangle or square shape, about 1/4” thick. Sprinkle with coconut. Place in freezer for approximately five minutes and remove to cut into small squares. Makes about 9-12 chocolate pieces depending on your preferred size. Replace in freezer for about ten more minutes to chill. Remove and serve. Alternatively, these may be kept in the fridge for a softer, chewier chocolate bar.

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