Bunny Love

Happy Easter Weekend! I’ve been wanting to post a healthy pancake recipe and after seeing this picture, I knew this would be the perfect occasion!

With just a few simple ingredients, these pancakes will leave you feeling satisfied yet light and healthy so you can go about your Easter activities full of energy.


Bunny Love Pancakes (gluten free, dairy free, Paleo friendly)

1 banana (slightly green – lower in sugar)
2 eggs
splash of vanilla
couple dashes of cinnamon
1 scoop stevia
dash of sea salt
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (plant-based)*


banna slices
dairy free chocolate chips (or sub cacao nibs, blueberries, etc.)
scoop of CocoWhip

Add ingredients to a blender (I used the Vitamix) and blend until smooth. Pour batter onto warm griddle (spray/coat before as needed to prevent sticking) and cook until golden brown on each side (when the little bubbles start popping, they are ready to flip). Arrange into various sizes. Makes enough for about 2 bunnies or about 8 pancakes total. Add toppings…enjoy! *Thorne MediPro Vanilla Protein Powder is my favorite plant-based protein powder by far (order by contacting me here and to get a discount).

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Easter weekend with family & friends!

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