Change: Making the Transition Easier


Change is in the air. Naturally, spring is the season for renewal and rebirth and with that, change is quite automatic. What is the saying? The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. It is quite true.

We all experience change…at various life stages…and at different depths. Change can invoke excitement, fear, gratitude, sadness and a whole host of other emotions. When change elicits a positive emotion or feeling, it is often much easier to handle – we all generally like to feel excited, happy, and joyful. However, when change invokes fear, sadness or despair, it is downright uncomfortable and for the most part, it forces us out of our comfort zones to a new level of growth.


I am getting ready to personally close one chapter of my life and open a new one. There are a TON of emotions involved and thankfully, there are some key practices that are helping me work through things and prepare to open my new chapter.

1. Meet up with friends, phone a family member. You are not alone. Angels, God, divine power…whatever you want to call it, is always with you, watching over you, supporting your highest good.

2. Connect with the earth. Take walks, feeling your feet hit the ground with each step. Breathe.

3. Meditate. Read a favorite passage in a book then sit in silence. Be still. There are so many options for inspirational texts but I love Wayne Dyer’s 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace and I am currently reading Danielle Laporte’s, The Desire Map. Listen to your breath, release the mental chatter.

4. Envision how you want the next chapter to look. How do you want to feel moving forward.

5. Realize that nothing ever stays the same. The good times and the bad shall pass.

6. Take mind body classes as often as you can and would like. Pilates and yoga (and even barre and beyond) are great ways to stay connected to your body. This is crucial during a time of change when our thoughts run wild. It is a way to get out of your way-too-active head. Also, check out alternative treatments like acupuncture that support the flow and balance of energy.

7. Check out new places…go to new coffee shops, check out new stores. Invite new experiences in your life.

8. Love. Love is the universal antidote that heals everything.

I hope you find this helpful and may it bring a sense of peace over you wherever you are in your journey! I’d love to know what some practices are that you integrate when going through starting something new…leave a comment or shout out on Facebook or Twitter!

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