Discover Pleasure in Exercise Part I


There is so much attention placed on exercise and I believe there are some misconceptions that need to be cleared up. If you’re overwhelmed by all the media attention placed on going to the gym or lifting weights, know that you are not alone. Following are some really simple tools that will hopefully ease your mind and allow you to discover pleasure in exercise.

If you feel obligated to work out, hit the pause button. When you feel like you ‘should’ be doing something and that’s the reason you’re doing it, it’s only a short-term fix that will likely end up back firing on you. If you feel like you ‘should’ run or ‘should’ eat something, and you find no pleasure in it, rest assured that you’re going to rebel and likely go to the opposite extreme. Imagine this, you feel like you should run on the treadmill or should eat a salad for lunch but hate both? You’ll develop such a negative relationship with moving your body and with salads that you choose not to exercise and you develop a negative idea about all greens. Exactly what we don’t want, right!

What to do: Choose a form of movement that you enjoy! If you hate running, try hiking, swimming, rebounding (I love my kangaroo jumps) or doing short plyometric intervals. Still not for you? Try a new dance class, Pilates, barre, or yoga-there are so many ways you can move your body, but you have to enjoy it, otherwise, you won’t develop a long lasting relationship with it and that’s what we are going for—commitment!

Imagine a few more scenarios…are you living one of these? You’ve been doing the same exercise routine for as long as you can remember and you are bored (plus, you’ve noticed that your physique isn’t looking any different and you’re not loving that either). Gotcha. Or, perhaps you’re new to this whole ‘get fit with exercise’ and you don’t know where to start. Uh huh. Or, just maybe you’re feeling like you’re ready to explore options but you don’t want to sign up for an extended gym membership…it’s expensive and you don’t know how often you’ll use the service.

What to do: Sign up at where you get deals on various fitness offers. This allows you to explore your options, learn about different types of workouts, and try new classes for a great, reduced price! By changing your routine, you’ll challenge new muscle groups and start to notice ‘new’ changes in regards to your fitness level and physique. Plus, you’ll get a temporary pass to the gym or studio that typically lasts anywhere from a few sessions to a few months, depending on your preference and the deal.


Finally, if you feel like you don’t have time to workout or take an hour out of your day to go to a class, then keep reading! Life is busy, I get it, but by prioritizing exercising or moving your body, you increase your energy levels and self-esteem so that you can powerfully push through all those to-do’s. Here’s the big kicker, you don’t need an hour! Some of the most effective workouts are done under 15-20 minutes. Now, tell me that you can’t spare 20 to improve your health, increase your energy, improve your mood and change your life….I didn’t think so! Check out this post for a super quick, get fit routine and this one for a 15-minute fun, interval routine.

Stay tuned because for part II of this post where I share my absolute favorite and most effective, inexpensive home exercise equipment that can be easily stored (no treadmills here).

To your health and happiness!

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