Happy New Year: Top 6 for 2016


Happy New Year!

Wow, 2015 flew by! I hope you ending the year filled with light & love and are welcoming the new year with excitement and energy! As we all know this can be a time when we become consumed by New Year’s Resolutions and Goals. While I don’t believe in crazy diet crashes or fads, I do believe that if a  reset is calling you, the New Year can be a good time to release the old (beliefs, patterns, eating habits, etc.) and create new habits. It seems that many times the New Year goals are centered around weight loss and eating habits. While I believe in you having the body that feels best to you, I challenge you to think of your goal and the journey towards achieving it, in a more holistic way, not just thinking in terms of restricting what you eat. Here are some of my favorite ways to ensure that you will meet your health goal to be the best version of you in 2016.

  1. Breathe + Mindful Check-Ins. Upon waking, take slow nourishing deep breaths. Consistently integrate these into your day. Perhaps consider making it a ritual that every time you wash your hands, you check in with your breath. Just like taking nourishing deep breaths, make it a ritual to check in with you. Imagine yourself right where you are, take a breath and on the exhalation, bring to mind how you are feeling in your body at that moment. Are you stressed, angry, anxious, tired, sad, lonely, content, nourished, happy, joyful, grateful. If you need to, take some time to feel that feeling, then release it as necessary – especially if it does not serve your greatness! If you’re feeling happy and grateful, let it shine and expand!
  2. Self Care & Take Time for YouWhat do you love to do? Read, journal, dance, listen to music, sip tea, take a bubble bath, light candles, watch silly movies, take an evening drive, hike, walk in nature. Create rituals that feed your soul. The more time you take really nourish yourself in these “primary” ways, food becomes secondary. This is a natural process, one that cannot be rushed, nor focused on in a stressful manner. What we focus on expands!
  3. Eat Whole Foods & Listen to Your Body Forget fad diets and restrictive eating patterns. Studies show that diets are not good for your waistline. Most people who finish a diet (for many, diets become too restrictive and the individual doesn’t finish it) and return to old eating habits will actually end up gaining more weight. Focus on limiting or excluding packaged, processed foods. Try to meal plan so you don’t get caught with your hands in the cookie jar because you’re starving. If dairy and gluten upset your negative symptoms, definitely cut them out. Sugar is a big culprit for many and difficult to cutout. Rather than saying you are swearing off sugar, perhaps consider swearing off all processed sugars. Then, as you are able to do so successfully, limit the use of even natural sugars like honey and maple syrup. Consider cutting out alcohol and caffeine for a period of time. It will help you reflect how much you were (possibly, likely) depending on them. We want our body to run on fuel from whole foods that provide nutrients and energy to do what we want, need, and love to do!
  4. Move Your Body in a Way that You Love! I LOVE Xtend Barre classes and believe it’s the best full body workout. I also really enjoy running, hiking, and interval training. However, if I hated any of these, my exercise (movement) routine would not be consistent nor long lasting. You must find what works best for you!
  5. Stress LessStress creates dis-ease within our body, just the same as unhealthy, processed foods. Inflammation creeps in and before you know it you’re dealing with a host of negative symptoms (lack of energy, sleep issues, digestion issues, hormonal imbalances, etc.). If you could let go just a little, would it help relieve the stress. If you could feel the pain, the suffering, the hurt, could you let it go so you could live a full life? Perception is everything.
  6. LoveAdd love when you can, where you can. Shoot a smile. Give a hug. Open a door. Pay it forward. You never know what truly happens behind another person’s closed door. You never will be able to truly understand how different situations impact them.self-care-quote

Here is to your best year yet – full of potential, dreams, and love!!

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