Improve Your Health


Diets don’t work because they are all about restriction with a focus on what you shouldn’t be eating. This time of year, there are baked goods everywhere you turn. The holidays are not a time to start a diet and in my opinion, there’s really no good time to start a diet (except for a couple of rare circumstances).

However, the time is always right when it comes to integrating healthy eating habits and upgrading your food choices. Here are some of ways to improving your health today!

1. Focus on what you can have, not what you shouldn’t be having-You can have an abundance of non-starchy vegetables mixed with high quality protein and fat, as well as moderate amounts starchier vegetables and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and quinoa (fiber is also an important element in this mix and the healthy vegetables take care of this). Focus on these quality sources of food and you’ll be sure to feel satisfied.

2. Drink more water. It flushes out toxins, improves energy and skin complexion, maintains regularity and promotes weight loss. Focus on dr

inking 1 glass before your morning beverage, whether that’s tea or coffee. Want to make it even more detoxifying, add organic lemon to warm water.  Also, based on Ayurvedic principles, drinking warm water every 10 minutes increases lymphatic flow, which helps eliminate toxins and further promotes weight loss. It’s ok, go ahead…gulp and guzzle!

3. Aim for quality. Choose the highest-quality meat you can afford, aiming for organic, free-range meats that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Aim to buy as much of your fresh produce as organic as possible, to avoid the poisons sprayed directly on the fruits and vegetables. If it’s not possible to buy all organic, be sure to avoid the most contaminated foods.

4. This is a time of year where it’s nearly impossible to eliminate treats, plus, that’s just not fun. However, you can upgrade dessert choices and if you’re going to a party, make a healthy version of your favorite treat to bring. Use sweeteners like stevia, honey (raw & unfiltered), maple syrup (grade B), coconut nectar or sugar, and experiment with xylitol. Here’s a latest favorite recipe in our house for Pumpkin Creme Cookie Sandwiches…great with or without the filling.

5. Try to eliminate or reduce sources that are pro-inflammatory or that cause inflammation. These are common things like wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar, vegetable oils and most soy products. It is common for these ingredients to hide in fast, fried and processed foods. In addition, eliminate high sugar beverages like traditional soda and diet beverages that have artificial sweeteners. If you’re a soda lover, try a healthier alternative like Zevia.

Have a wonderful weekend…off to play!

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