In the Raw + Tips to Fight off that Cold


Earlier this week, I had one of those moments where I was doing all the things that I would warn my health coaching clients not to do. It all started on Sunday night. My throat started to feel the tiniest bit sore. Not thinking too much of it and thinking it would pass, I went about business as usual on Monday with work, working out and not really taking any extra steps towards preventing a full born sore throat and awful cold. Well, it hit me. Tuesday I felt AW-ful! Sore throat, headache, stuffy nose, the whole works and I was TIREd to boot! I mean sitting while working thinking that I might not be able to keep my eyes open…yes, that tired! Crazy thing…when I am fighting a cold, possibly and likely because my body feel so tired, I crave sugar! That day I also was hungry! I ate a snack earlier in the afternoon and by the time I left work I couldn’t wait for another snack. Did I mention that whilst craving sugar I had been dreaming of this small, chocolate Whole Foods cake that Travis had brought home from work from his birthday? There was just one piece left. You see what’s coming don’t you? Perhaps you’ve even been there!

Yep, arriving home, I washed my hands and without changing or doing anything else to help myself settle in and let go of the day, I got out the chocolate cake. Just a few harmless bites, right? Standing there, I knew I had two options. Continue eating standing up and polishing off the rest of the cake, one large piece or I could actually breathe, get a plate, and cut a small piece for myself. I have been on this health and mindful eating journey long enough to know how I would feel after each option. You could say I’ve had practice yet my practice continues as you see. I am not perfect. Yes, I did get a plate, sit down and eat a small piece, equal to a regular-sized piece of cake with all the bites beforehand.

I went about my evening, changing for barre, having a great class and then when I arrived home I took care of me. I took a bubble bath with epsom salt and lavender & peppermint essential oil. Later in the evening, I ate a small dinner with a snack as usual. On a side note, while not feeling well that day, my body was craving a barre class and no, I didn’t go to barre because I ate the cake.  Barre is figuratively the icing on the cake for me  – I do love it that much. However, in the past, my workouts that day and after would have been totally centered around ‘burning off the cake!’

I could say that I didn’t think anything of that cake and that I was proud that I got the plate and found my seat. However, even I, with years of practice, I am not perfect. There is an emotional component to food that makes it so tricky. While not feeling absolutely great about my choice, I took some deep breaths and again thought about my options. I could go down the well-known path of shaming myself. However, I’ve been there and done that. I made a different choice, although perhaps less practiced, it was different. I didn’t shame.

I ate a piece of chocolate cake. It was one piece. I typically pass on sweets at the office and don’t splurge on anything like this. I did feel slightly guilty about eating it while trying to fight off a bad cold, but negative thinking would only make it worse. I could just go about my evening as usual and eat ‘typical’ for me. I didn’t have to go with ‘all or nothing’ mentality that I am all too familiar with. Yes, in the past, I likely would have boughten an entire new chocolate cake, or piece at least, and eaten it along with anything else that would have turned up in my search for sweets after inhaling the cake.

I would say that I had this mental conversation with myself probably for the next 30 or so minutes after enjoying the cake and then it was done. Like I said, I did choose to take care of me by taking a bath and eating dinner as usual. No I am not perfect. We are all human and struggle with the same struggles. However, I am happy and grateful with where I am at on my journey.


If this sounds like you, love yourself and take time for you! If you’re fighting off a cold, here is what worked for me that got me better within two days (minor symptoms occasionally pop up but nothing I can’t handle).

  • Gargling with warm salt water at least twice a day (more as able)
  • Drinking warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar at least twice a day
  • Supplementing with Phytogen (a formula that includes astragalus, echinacea and other great immune boosting herbs) and olive leaf extract
  • Drinking tea (yogi tea has a cold sampler that I got)
  • Taking it as easy as possible in the evenings
  • Baths with epsom salt & lavender/peppermint oil

And that is it…I am feeling ‘normal’ pretty much for me just in time to enjoy the beautiful weekend. I hope you do too!

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