It’s Never Just the Food – Add Joy


When the goal is to improve our health, too often we focus on restrictions & limitations and all the negative chatter that goes along with this. “I can’t have dessert, I’m eating healthy…life is terrible without caffeine…this day would be better with my favorite _________ (chips, ice cream, beverage).

Life could get a little dull if we only focused on what we didn’t or couldn’t have. When working with clients whose goal it is to improve eating habits, I like to focus on the principle of ‘adding-in‘ versus taking away. I like to highlight all of the wonderful foods to add in to replace the ‘old (unhealthy) stuff.’ Clients never feel restricted when transitioning to healthy eating during their health coaching program because of this concept…plus, dessert is always an option!

The conversation of what to add-in doesn’t stop with the topic of food. Teaching people how to improve their health extends beyond the food.  We also discuss other forms of nourishment and joy. There are so many ways we can bring joy into our life and for fun, music is our focus today.

Have you ever been in the car and your favorite song from __________ (college, wedding, vacation) came on and you found yourself smiling. Afterwards you might have felt uplifted, a little more energized, or even joyful. Without getting too deep, music stimulates a certain part of the brain that stores memories and emotions. Ahh hah!



So, if you’re trying to get into your healthy groove and you’re releasing old habits and starting new ones, make a playlist and rock it! Following is one that I recently created and have been enjoying!



A Day Filled With Joy Playlist

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Wonderful Unkown – Ingrid Michaelson

Last Love Song –  ZZ Ward

Fidelity – Regina Spektor

All I Want –  Kodaline

Eavesdrop – The Civil Wars

Black Crow – Angus & Julia Stone

My My Love –  Joshua Radin

Shine – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Towers – Bon Iver

Auto-Happy – Slow Runner

Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

Free (featuring Emeli Sande) – Rudimental

You can check out this playlist and follow me on Rdio or pick & choose your favorites and put together an authentic playlist that makes you smile! Shine on and have a joyful day!!

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