Montana’s Picturesque Outdoors

I’m not sure when my love for July 4th started, but it is one of my favorite holidays. Freedom and independence are of great importance and something that I am truly grateful for on so many levels. This year, I enjoyed celebrating the 4th by spending time with family, eating delicious food and watching the fireworks. There is something magical about fireworks…perhaps it’s that they create a sense of total presence – the grand boom, the bright color, and the anticipation & silence in between.

We ended up  traveling  to a few places fairly close to Missoula over the 4th to enjoy more of Montana’s picturesque outdoors and I captured some photos to share. Our first stop was the National Bison Range followed by Flathead Lake and Whitefish. Each place was breathtaking as you can see in the photos and at the same time unique in its own way. We were able to see some wildlife on the range,  Flathead seemed like it was never going to end and Whitefish has a charming downtown with some great shops, restaurants and coffee shops – if you’re in the area and hungry…check out Loula’s Cafe … yum sums it up pretty well!





Summer is slipping by quickly…I hope you’re enjoying it!

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