Peachy Good Time…


What a memorable weekend! After a weekend of laughing with family, taking long bike rides along peach groves, baking cookies with my niece, I feel so alive, thankful and ready to really dial in as another summer comes to an end and we head into the fall season.

The end of the summer reminds me how thankful I am of all the fresh and seasonal produce. You can bet after being in the Palisade area with family that I returned home with Palisade peaches. Although I made the below recipe a couple weeks back, I happened to have picked up a couple Palisade peaches at a farmer’s market and a take on a peach crumble sounded like a good idea. While I am a chocolate chip cookies kinda gal, Travis loves oat crusts with fruit topping.

Typically, I don’t recommend combining fruits with starches due to food combining principles (fruit is best eaten alone on an empty stomach, otherwise it can cause gas and bloating when mixed with other foods). However, once in awhile, like when peaches are in season, you have to be a little more flexible and ‘just do enjoy it!

DSC_0038Oat Crisp with Peach Sauce (gluten-free)

1 c oats
½ c almonds
2-3T honey
1 T coconut oil
dash of Himalayan sea salt
2 stevia scoops, Kal brand or stevia to taste
1 t vanilla

Peach Sauce

1 ripe peach (organic)
1 T honey
dash of sea salt and vanilla

For the crisp, preheat oven to 350F (I used our convection toaster oven). Grind oats and almonds to crumbled texture, not too fine or flour-like. Add honey, coconut oil, sea salt, stevia, and vanilla to small mixing bowl and combine ingredients. Add oat and almond crumble to liquid mixture and stir to combine.

Bake at 350F for approximately 10 minutes, checking around 7-8 minutes to prevent the crisp from burning.

For the sauce, place everything in high-speed blender (Vitamix) or food processor and combine to desired texture, I created a smooth texture but you might want to experiment with a chunky version.

As always, do enjoy!

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