Peachy Green Summer Smoothie


You might recall from the Local Favorites post that there would be a new recipe for the Summer Peach Smoothie that I made for the class. The first time I made this smoothie for the class I didn’t record any measurements, I just quickly made it and bottled it to take to the class to share. Since then, I’ve recreated it while taking note of the ingredients and portions of each.

This smoothie is perfect for a quick morning meal or a snack when you need something cool & refreshing. There is a healthy dose of greens so you can feel good about kick starting your day with greens! There are no added sweeteners as the peaches, banana, and cinnamon combine for the perfect taste of sweet. Make sure to visit your local Farmer’s Market or check out the local produce at your grocery store to shop for local peaches and spinach…you’ll want to make sure to also buy the organic version as these are two items on the 2015 Dirty Dozen list.


Peachy Green Summer Smoothie

1/2 c. almond milk
2 peaches, I used fresh Palisade peaches
1 frozen banana
1-2 c. spinach
1 t. vanilla
3-5 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender; I used the VitaMix.  blend until smooth. Pour into your favorite mugs. Makes about two 8 oz. servings.


I love green smoothies because they are super easy to digest and filled with nutrients. Even better, they ensure that you’re getting your greens which is especially important for detoxification and fighting inflammation! If you’re new to green smoothies, you might want to start with 1 cup of greens. I recommend spinach versus kale to start with due to the mild flavor of spinach which can easily be hidden in the green smoothie. While the frozen banana provides a good touch of sweet and helps make this smoothie creamy, you can substitute the banana with a quarter or half of an avocado to decrease the natural sugar content and get a healthy dose of fat.

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