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One of my favorite weekly inspiration segments that I watch is MarieTV. Marie is a genius who also happens to be hilarious and captivating. I’ve been watching episodes for over a year on a pretty consistent basis, but the show with Susan Cain touched my heart and rang so true.

Susan Cain is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, a book I cannot wait to start reading.  An introvert herself, Susan started out terrified of public speaking. Years later, when her book came out, she knew she needed to give talks to promote her book in order to share her passion and purpose. She started out small and after practice she desensitized herself, so that she no longer has this fear.


Why the heck am I sharing this? Well, I think Susan’s tips in regards to ‘putting yourself out there’ are also spot on with living the ideal lifestyle and living your best life. These tips can be applied to career choices all the way to food choices. Following are some insights that I gathered that I hope inspire you.

1. Choose business and career wisely. We often get so caught up in the money, the insurance, the schedule but it is essential to do what you love. When you do what you love, it nourishes your soul and you have more energy and vitality to share your light in the world. If you’re not sure how to start or you’re feeling lost, come back to the real reason why you’re doing it and ask for guidance. Something that I use on a daily basis is from Miss Gabrielle Bernstein and it goes ‘Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say, and to whom.’ Starting the day this way, I feel grounded and I don’t have to push for anything, but I let it unfold naturally. Sometimes I need intermittent reminders, because waiting is not my natural tendency. 🙂

2. Do your thing…the party, the meetings, the conference, the workshop and then schedule down time to let your system reboot. Think of your smart phone. It is working constantly all day. We use it for email, internet, messaging, calling, scheduling, and more, and at the end of the day it must have time to reboot so it can work its amazingness (probably not a word) the next day. We can’t expect to continue being at our best if we never have time to restore.

3. Quota. At first I didn’t know where Marie and Susan were taking this but it totally made me smile after understanding the depth. Have you ever received an invitation to an event and you wanted to go, you felt it might help your business but deep down, you wanted to rock it at home and you were fighting mentally whether you should go or stay? So me. I love people. I love meeting with them, connecting with them, but it takes a lot out of me. How does setting a quota help? If you set a quota, say six times a month to attend an event, it’s taken care of and you don’t have to go back and forth trying to decide, waging the war within your mind and exhausting your energy.

This can also apply to transitioning to eating healthy. It can be downright overwhelming and scary to start anything new. However, when we chunk it down and decide to make one or two changes each day or each week, done…you release the pressure to have to do everything, freeing up your mental capacity and energy. For example, start with breakfast. Choose one or two items that you can prepare quickly or even pre-make and have that each day for a week. Bam, you’ve met your quota and you feel successful which makes you want to continue your endeavor.

“Seek out your kindred spirits”

-Susan Cain

4. Power of one. Susan and Marie discussed the power of one in regards to going to an event and feeling like you have mingle with everyone. No way. Be open to finding your ‘kindred spirit’ who you really click with and if you hang out with just that person, you’re better off than leaving with a handful of cards because you will actually stay in touch with this person and develop a support system of individuals who are in alignment with your purpose.

Same thing as we hit on above. Don’t think you have to integrate all the healthy changes in the world at once in order to live a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to start working out, meditating, tapping, drinking green smoothies, and eating salads all at once. Again, choose one thing and try it for a week. If you love it, continue integrating it and tweak it as needed. If you hate it, then try another healthy habit. Limitless possibilities here and it relates really well to this next point…

5. Take the pressure off. Often times when I was going to yoga regularly, instructors would encourage the class to try challenging poses with an open mind, because it’s not ‘yoga perfect, it’s yoga practice.’ This is the same with most everything. It takes time, practice, and experience to become more skilled at anything. Don’t expect yourself to hit a home run your first time, release that pressure and you will shine.

6. Power of partnerships. In the video, Susan discusses the importance of having a partnership, someone who is the yin to your yang so you can focus on your creative force while they compliment you with their touch. Support is so important for anything we do and especially when you’re embarking on a new journey, whether it be living a healthier lifestyle or starting a business.

7. Extricate yourself and don’t feel bad. This one definitely rang true to me. As I mentioned earlier, I am a people person and I love connecting and I love new experiences but I have to pace myself. Sitting and talking for hours on a end at an event leaves me feeling tense but if I attend an event and I mingle for a bit and then leave early, things are different. If you need to leave early, don’t feel bad, you’ve showed up and shared your positive energy.  When I honor how I am feeling, I am much more excited to go again to an event because I didn’t exhaust my person the first time. I am like this even outside of social events. I love exercising, hiking, biking, and more, but I don’t love to spend huge blocks of time doing any one of them.

So, I’d love to know. Do you identify with any of Susan’s strategies about putting yourself out there or do these strategies apply in different areas of your life?

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