Red, White and Blue Parfait


Have you tried So Delicious coconut yogurt?

I often tell clients about it when discussing upgraded food choices to replace their traditional yogurt.

It’s sweet, creamy, smooth and best of all dairy-free and very versatile. I recommend getting the Plain or Unsweetened variety. Plain is sweet (sweetened with cane juice with 8 g of sugar per serving) so if you’re looking for a dessert option or plan on serving it to friends, go for this one. If you’re watching your sugar intake, go for the Unsweetened variety.


This yogurt is really so delicious. The Plain variety is lovely without anything added to it but I like to add a scoop of stevia with a touch of vanilla to the container and mix it in…I definitely recommend adding the stevia and vanilla to the Unsweetened variety. You can also add cacao powder, probably a tablespoon or two per container to make a low sugar, chocolate dessert.


With all that being said, the most festive way to enjoy the So Delicious yogurt for July 4th is parfait-style, adding beautiful berries in between layers of  yogurt. You can serve this to guests as a really simple breakfast, but since it’s not really nutrient dense, I prefer it as a dessert.


Red, White and Blue Parfait

1 container So Delicious yogurt, Plain or Unsweetened
1 scoop stevia (currently using Organic Sweet Leaf)
splash of vanilla
berries of choice (organic blueberries, raspberries, and/or strawberries)
cacao nibs (optional)
Decadent topping (Spectrum or homemade)

Wash berries and set aside. Sweeten yogurt. Layer berries with yogurt in your favorite dessert cup. Add additional toppings like a sprinkle of Decadent blend or cacao nibs. Makes enough for 2-4 servings.

Have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!!

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