Salmon + Nachos…Fun New Spin

I don’t know about you but I’m always going through a phase where there is at least one ingredient that is always on my grocery list, always stocked in the fridge or pantry, and always integrated into my recipes. Always…always…always.  Currently Meditalia basil pesto and Annie’s Honey Mustard fit the bill of always being on my grocery bill. 🙂

Per my usual creation, today’s recipe is simple, healthy, and tasty! I also love that it is versatile and can be enjoyed as a quick snack, paired with a salad or some veggies, as well as wrapped in romaine or chard leaves (add honey mustard, avocado, etc.) to make a complete, fully scrumptious lunch or dinner. In addition, this recipe can be used to create nachos…for a fun, new spin.


 Salmon Cakes (paleo, gluten free)

2 cans salmon (7.5 oz cans – Crown Prince)
1 egg
2 oz. goat cheese/chevre (local or 365)
1/4 t. herbamare
1/2 t. garlic (Garlic Gold nuggets)
2 t. basil pesto (Meditalia)
1/4 c. chopped scallions
4-6 sun dried tomatoes chopped (I used Whole Foods 365)
2 T. Camelina Gold seeds (chia seeds might work to replace)

Drain salmon and add to mixing bowl. Chop scallions and  sun dried tomatoes and set aside. Add egg to bowl along with goat cheese, herbamare, garlic, basil pesto, scallions, and sun dried tomatoes. Once everything is well combined add seeds and mix well. If the mixture seems to have too much liquid, add more seeds. Once the mixture is the right consistency, use hands to shape into patties and place in lined skillet (coconut oil or ghee typically work well). Cook patties until light-medium brown on each side. Remove and allow time to cool.


*Nacho variation: If you want to make things even more fun, once cooled, cut the salmon cakes into pieces and spread them over a layer of Mary’s Gone crackers (Spicy Jalapeño) and/or plantain chips and sprinkle/stop with goat cheese. Place in the oven at 350F for a few minutes until and remove and add additional toppings like chopped grape tomatoes, olives…I enjoyed this variation on a bed of mixed greens!


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much I do…have a happy, healthy day!

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