So Long Summer…Start Fall Fresh!

Later this month I will be presenting a nutrition workshop entitled, Simple Slim Down Secrets. If you feel overwhelmed that yet another summer has slipped by and you haven’t accomplished your health goals, maybe in the form of weight loss, increasing your energy, balancing your hormones or improving your mood, then this is for you!

1-11 Start this fall fresh! Do you often feel confused as to what foods you should buy at the grocery store? There are so many choices! Are you curious to learn which ones are right for you? During the workshop, not only will I be discussing which toxic ingredients are often found in so-called ‘healthy’ foods and that we need to avoid. I will also be sharing simple-to-integrate and highly effective habits that you can instantly incorporate into your daily life that will make a huge impact in the way of naturally losing weight, balancing hormones (hello happy you, we’ve missed you too), increasing energy and improving mood. In addition, you can shop confidently as you will have the tools to choose foods that will make you feel and look your best!

Curious as to what healthy foods are on the naughty list-I’ll give you a tiny peak? In a pinch, you might think instant oatmeal with fruit or a Nutri Grain bar,  would be a good option, right? Unfortunately, due to ingredients like food dyes and sulfites, these foods have a negative impact on your health and may be the source of headaches and they may contribute to behavior problems in children; in animals, some studies show that food colorings are linked to cancer. Bluck!! It is my hope to shed light on this absolutely-critical, must-have information so you can start to make changes in your life so you can wake up every day feeling your absolute best! I hope you’ll join me….here are the deets:

What: Simple Slim Down Secrets WorkshopWhen: September 21st at 12:00 pm

Where: Pilates Denver 6380 S. Fiddler’s Green Cir. Ste. 108C Greenwood Village, CO, 303-779-0164

Sign up at or by calling 720-722-0246

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