Stop Dreaming & Start Living

935823_506423422761113_1170289386_nHere we are, school has started and fall is in the air. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and you know what that means…reflecting on our intentions for the past year and creating new ones for our future. (While I am not a huge New Year’s resolution kinda gal, I do think the idea of it all encourages us to reflect on where we are in life, which is a plus. I’m rather a daily intention sorta gal:).

As we transition fully into the new season, it’s a great time to reflect on progress towards and goals. What are some of your goals?  Did it involve taking a dance class, reading a book, improving your eating habits? Whatever it is, now is the time.

As you’ve noticed, things look a little different around here. It was time for me to give my health coaching practice a makeover and start investing and dedicating more time to something that I truly believe in and value. Setting out to do anything new can be scary, whether it be trying out a new fitness class or building a business.

The thing is that when we choose to steps towards our goal or our dream, we’re saying ‘I believe in this, I value this.’ When something stays on our to-do dream list and it’s always falling behind another priority, we have to ask, “Is this of importance, value…how much do I want this?” You might also want to ask, “what is costing me not to do this?”

Asking yourself these questions, if you don’t feel totally compelled to achieve this goal, then take it off your big goal list. If it’s been hanging around for too long, it’s only adding stress because it’s just something else you need to check off. On the other hand, if you can say 100% I believe in this…then, now is the time to take actions steps. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic, it can be one small action step that brings you closer to accomplishing your goal.

faff4026159200aecaf615f6ac27e74fFor example, if your goal is to take a dance class, then checking into different dance studios is a great first step. Have you been anxious to start a book? What kind of book do you wan to read, get it, then set aside 15 minutes to read without interruption and soak in the love that you get from taking time for yourself. If your goal is to improve your eating habits, you might want to add in one nutrient-dense food like your favorite green or chia seeds (all too often, we focus on what we should take out-it’s not about depriving yourself. Naturally, the more healthy foods you add in, the more you unhealthy ones you crowd out.

I’d love to know what some of your dreams are that have been on the back burner? Comment below!

As always, wishing you a day filled with light & love!

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