Summer Travel: Tips to Stay Healthy


Summer, the sun is shining, sandals are strapped and it’s time to hit the road but wait…you’re not sure what you’ll do without your Vitamix…or your fridge, or pantry for that matter.

Do you freak out when you know you’re going on a trip and you know you won’t have access to your ‘normal’ healthy food? Oh, and what will happen when you won’t be able to fulfill your typical health routine, maybe attend your daily yoga or Pilates class?

As you might have heard via social media, I’m spending the summer in Missoula, Montana and I did some planning beforehand and have had some personal insights pop up recently that have helped prevent a total freak out…after all, I love routine, my Vitamix, the food processor and all the delicious food that’s usually in my fridge and pantry.

Okay, so you’re heading out of town possibly for a few days or even several weeks, maybe you’re going to a rural community or you’re checking out a new city, either way check out the tips below that will ease your worry about what to do to stay on track with your health.


1. Pre-trip, plan ahead for some simple foods that you can stash in your luggage. Stay tuned as I will be sharing some of my favorite foods that travel well in the upcoming post. I also like to bring a blender bottle with me as well so I can easily mix a protein shake in a pinch with stevia, allowing for a quick, healthy breakfast…perhaps not gourmet, but remember, you’re not in your normal routine.

2. Before you get into town, know what the local hotspots are for healthy food. Research what grocery stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants are available. I love that Missoula has not only ONE farmer’s market but THREE! Obviously in larger cities you’ll have access to more choices, but you can always get the healthy basics –  think greens or veggies paired with a protein, maybe some nuts & seeds for a snack. Think of what foods you packed as well…these can come in handy so you’re not eating out every meal.

3. Pack your supplements that you take on a regular basis. I love having a weekly tray that I pre-load with all my supplements.

4. Accept that there is a transition period. You likely will not love every meal you eat. You probably will feel slightly different in your body.  It’s ok, this will all pass. The more we resist, the more it persists.

5. Figure out what your non-negotiables will be when travelling. Okay, so you’re not going to follow your exact routine, that would be impractical. Figure out what is practical for you. If exercise is a big part of your life, figure out a schedule so you can integrate it into a routine. Maybe you can’t exercise for the full hour, but how about 20-40 minute routines…there are tons of online resources to access for no equipment, home-based  workouts. Journal? Maybe it’s practical some days and not others. On a similar note, just because your traveling, it doesn’t mean you forgo all practical policies for maintaining one’s health – sleep, exercise, real, whole foods, portion sizes, etc. are all things that we have to pay at least some attention to.

6. Try new things – when you shop local you can learn a lot about new flavors, culture and more. When you stop resisting you notice what’s available in your present surroundings. I’ve come across a few new foods that I plan to share in upcoming posts so stay tuned…one is Camelina oil & seeds…I had never heard of these before! While there are certain guidelines to follow to stay on the healthy track, by all means, when there is something new that you want to try, try it…it might have more sugar, more oil, etc. but you’ll likely take so much pleasure in it that those extra sugars and fats will somehow metabolize and you won’t notice a thing, which brings me to the wrap-up.

With all that being said, try to let go and be present. In the present moment, we get the best, highest quality vitamin that is free…vitamin P for Pleasure. We often are worrying so much about what we “think” we “should” be doing or “should have done” that we miss out on moments of pleasure and these moments are what truly make the biggest difference…more than exercise, more than food…if we don’t have pleasure, we are never truly fulfilled and will continue to eat mindlessly in order to fill the emptiness. Want to learn more about the importance of vitamin P, check out this article by the Institute for Psychology of Eating

Happy travels!

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