Super Simple Spaghetti


Planning for any trip, there is a list of things that we all consider but one that is common to nearly everyone is ‘what should I bring to wear?’ As I was preparing to leave for Missoula back in May, I happened to talk to a local and thus asked her what the weather was like and what type of clothing is appropriate for summer. Thankful for her insight and after doing my own research, I packed some summer clothes as well as a few outfits for cooler weather – the woman had mentioned that she isn’t able to wear her “sundresses” in June.

The first week and half of being here, I wore jackets in the morning but I was thankful to be in shorts or a dress by afternoon. However, last week, the weather took a turn and I thought “maybe this is the reason she doesn’t get to wear her sundresses.” It was cold, okay, maybe chilly. The first half of the week was nothing but clouds & cool temperatures that turned into rain…47 degrees and raining..brr.

Typically I think summer & smoothie recipes or something cool but this wasn’t the case for last week’s eats. I wanted to prepare warm, nourishing foods and since I am watching my niece and nephew, it had to be something I could prepare quickly!

DSC_0020   DSC_0025

Super Fast Spaghetti

2 packages of Shiritaki noodles (parboiled & drained)
1/2 T. ghee (optional)
1 pound of cooked bison or beef**
1/4-1/2 onion, chopped I used a purple onion (aka red onion)
1 t. Herbamare + sprinkle
2 c.  favorite spaghetti sauce**
kale, about 1 c. chopped (optional)
goat cheese (optional)

Drain, parboil, rinse and drain Shiritaki noodles according to package directions and set aside in a colander, allowing time to dry. To prepare the bison, after thawing it in the fridge, chop an onion, about a quarter to a half of one. Start sautéing the onion in a little water (one tablespoon) then add the meat. Add about 1/2-1 t. Herbamare to the meat while it’s cooking, turning and stirring as needed to get all parts cooked equally well. Once the meat is done cooking, set aside in a medium size bowl. Add noodles to the skillet that you cooked the bison in, adding some ghee and a sprinkle of herbamare and the chopped kale (optional). Next, add your favorite spaghetti sauce. **Note: I typically use Whole Foods Organic 365 Tomato Basil but have been enjoying Field Day Organic from The Good Food Store in Missoula. Finally, ad the cooked bison. Serve and sprinkle with goat cheese (I used organic feta goat cheese). Feel free to add your favorite Italian seasonings & herbs…fresh basil would be the perfect addition!


Voila, in no time you have super delicious and simple spaghetti that everyone will love!

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