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Feeling down on yourself for frequenting the candy jar at work? Guilty that you snuck a little Halloween candy from the bag already? I totally get it. I used to indulge in processed treats to the point of making myself feel sick. There was even a time or two when I ate an entire box of iced sugar cookies before an evening college class. As you can imagine, I felt terrible on a physical and emotional level.

Fortunately, I’ve turned things around and have a much healthier relationship with food-treats included and there are definitely part of my healthy lifestyle. So, if you’ve had a little or a lot of sugar over these last couple weeks in prep for Halloween and your jeans are feeling a little snug, here’s what to do to turn it around!

1. Release the guilt. Feeling guilty about what you eat actually increases cortisol, the stress hormone, and causes you to hold on to every calorie, rather than use it for energy. In addition, when we have increased levels of cortisol over an extended period, it causes our hormones to become imbalanced, thus leading to crazy mood swings, low energy and more. No thanks. Love yourself and your body-you’re amazing right now and so is your body, just think of all the work it does on a daily basis-phew!

2. Set an intention. Often times, we consciously or unconsciously have this notion that just because it’s Halloween, or the holidays for that matter, we can’t eat healthy-there are just too many candy jars obstacles in our way. Reality check. This is an excuse. Just because Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes or just because you buy Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters, it doesn’t mean you have the green light to go silly on sugar. Choose wisely, make conscious decisions. I don’t like the idea of a dogmatic approach to food, but you might try a implementing a system if you’re just getting back on track. When we have a plan to follow, like having a treat at home after dinner when we’re settled in (versus when we’re busy or stressed at work) or choosing to have a treat a few days a week, we tend to make more conscious choices. This leads me to…

3. Be mindful. Stressed, bored, nervous, tired, or even excited? Pause first. How we feel on an emotional level often drives us to fill up on foods that may or may not be healthy. If someone has brought in an apple crisp to the office and you’re feeling stressed and tired at 3 o’clock, it’s likely that you might not even truly desire the sweet. If this is the case, drink up-water that is. Next, if you really do love apple crisp and you’re wanting to try some, do a quick check-in first. Deep inhalation, deep exhalation, maybe even an offering of gratitude,  then sit down without distraction-no working on the computer, no talking on the phone-and enjoy the present moment, apple crisp included!

4. Schedule your meals. Going too long without eating causes those lousy blood sugar lows which forces us to crave and reach for the processed, high sugar, high fat foods that immediately make us feel good and then next thing we know, we’re crashing. Plus, we often eat more as a result of feeling super hungry. My recommendation, always listen to your body. Typically, we feel hungry about 3-4 hours after each meal, depending on the size of the meal, quality and content. For example, if you eat nothing but processed carbs for lunch, you’re going to be craving something more in no time, but if you have a good portion of non-starch veggies (70% of your plate), an appropriate-size high quality protein (15% of your plate) and possibly a portion of high quality carbohydrates or starchy veggies (15% of your plate), it will take your body about 4 hours to digest it before you feel hungry again.

5. Subsand I’m not talking about sandwiches-substitutes that is. Oh my gosh. There are so many amazing food bloggers like Megan, The Detoxinista and Angela at Oh She Glows just to name a couple, who create amazingly delicious and healthy versions of traditional sweets. No excuses. Good for your mood and your body. Check ’em out and try ’em.

These are just a few of my tricks so if you’re wanting more guidance and support on implementing these strategies or discussing your health concerns, I’d love to talk to you–just schedule your free consult on the calendar to the right.

Happiness, health ‘n hugs!

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