Time To Spice It Up~Spicy Asian Bowl

I am absolutely loving that zucchini is so plentiful-it’s literally everywhere around me…growing in my garden, at the supermarket and of course, at the local farmer’s market. It’s a good think that zucchini is so versatile because I’ve been keeping it well stocked. You can use it in savory dishes-sliced, chopped, diced, pureed (hummus, anyone?) or spiralized and it also is perfect for your desserts-hello, zucchini brownies and muffins. I’ve even been known to slice it and freeze it for my morning smoothie. With all the wonderful vitamins and minerals that fight inflammation and disease, and since it’s in season, I say the more, the merrier.

Today, let’s enjoy a little savory zucchini in the form of noodles. In addition to the benefits of zucchini, the sauerkraut is also a fantastic anti-infammatory food that is rich in vitamins, and due to the fermentations process, it also provides numerous digestive benefits due to the enzymes.

Needing a lighter dish, omit the chicken and if you’re needing something to hold you over longer, go for the chicken. Either way, it’s delish. I also ate this noodle mixture with a green salad mix for quick lunch the next day.

Spicy Asian Bowl

2 t Garlic Gold oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
¼ c. sweet onion, chopped
1 zucchini, med. size, spiralized
1 package Shiritaki noodles, parboiled and rinsed
½ c. Farmhouse Culture SauerKraut, jalapeno flavor
~1/2 T Braggs Liquid Aminos
couple dashes of Herbamare
goat cheese to sprinkle, optional
chicken strips, to desired amount, optional

Parboil and rinse noodles and set aside. Spiralize zucchini and chop into shorter noodles, optional. Add minced garlic and chopped onions to garlic gold in skillet and sautee until tender, adding water as needed to continue the sautee process without adding more oil. Add zuchhini. While the zucchini is cooking, chop noodles so they are not too long. Once zucchini has cooked for a few minutes, add in the shiritaki noodles, adding in Braggs and additional seasonings. Once everything is well combined, remove from heat. Add to bowl and top with chicken strips and goat cheese, unless looking for a vegan version, then omit the latter two ingredients.

This bowl is perfect for the cooler fall temperatures. Do enjoy!

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