Top 7 Rituals for Vibrant Health


Hope you had a beautiful weekend!! After what seems like endless cold and snowy days over the past couple weeks (yes, I’m exaggerating a little), the sunshine and blue sky was absolutely welcomed and appreciated this weekend!

We all know that exercise and eating habits are game changers when it comes to improving health, however, too often we overlook other factors that affect our wellness. One area that I’d like to see become more of a focus for everyone is being more mindful…staying more in tune. When we are mindful and in tune with our needs and feelings, we automatically make choices that support our highest good. Integrating mindfulness techniques can be tricky when we first start, but adding in rituals throughout your day can help this practice become a natural part of any lifestyle. Here are my top tips for getting grounded, staying connected and tuning in to make choices that support your optimal potential.

1. Wake up and think of 3 natural pleasures that you’re looking forward to. A walk. Meeting up with a friend. Sipping warm tea. Reading a book.

2. Upon waking, drink a large glass of water (with lemon is even better) and make yourself a cup of tea. Find a space in your home that is comforting to you and sit with your tea. Close your eyes and take the time to check in. Short on time? No biggie. Take at least 3 deep breaths. Really let go of the mental chatter and focus on your breathing. Want to get even more connected? Ask yourself ‘what do I need in this moment’ or ‘what is that I need to hear most right now.’ Try some funky phrases and see which fit you best.

3. In the shower or before, repeat the words ‘I am creating joy in my life‘ or another empowering mantra like ‘I am loved,’ or ‘I am enough.’ It can be anything but it must feel responsive to you and it must feel empowering! Just saying this out loud often makes me smile & giggle a bit. It lifts my mood, even when I’m feeling good I get an extra surge of joy.


4. At each meal and snack, upon sitting down, take a few deep breaths to let go of tension. You want to switch from auto pilot to a relaxed state to be able to digest and assimilate nutrients optimally. Plus, this allows you to truly savor your deliciously healthy food.

5. Getting home from work or perhaps prior to starting dinner for your family, take a moment away from the busy and again take a few deep breaths, repeating whatever phrase feels most responsive to you. Continue your evening with intention.

6. Take time for you at the end of your day. A bubble bath. 10 minutes of your favorite book. Meditating on your mat with a candle. Too often we got caught up in the to-do’s and we get overwhelmed that we don’t have enough time for practices like these. However, I know that we can all take at least 5. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, it is and it really makes a difference!

7. Getting in bed, reflect on 3 things that brought you joy during the day. These could be the 3 things that you thought of in the morning or perhaps they are different. Be grateful. End of your day on a high note.

You might be thinking that you don’t have time or ‘oh that sounds nice but it’s not possible for me.’ Well, I know it is. You have to start somewhere so choose 1 practice that you’d like to start with and be consistent. Once you feel comfortable, add another ritual. Before you know it, you’ll be sharing some new ones with me!

Finally, be realistic. Don’t expect yourself to perfectly integrate these every day. I sure don’t but I do know that when I am intentional about it that I experience even more joy in my life and feel even more vibrant and healthy!

Wishing you a week of wonder and happy!

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