Top Priority: You & Your Goal


Hi lovelies! I hope your New Year has started out fabulous!

Often we are super pumped to start a new lifestyle habit like healthy eating or exercising. We are ready to make the change but before you know it,  a week or so has passed and your old habits are calling your name. Life happens and you get sick, the laundry gets piled high, the appointments are endless. You’re ready to admit that you tried…you can always start on Monday, the ______ is more important.

Stop right there! Keep that goal as your top priority! Remember when you first fell in love and you were totally and willing to commit to your guy because he was just that fabulous. Perhaps you’re a mom and the day you had your baby, you knew you would do anything for that little one, so long as you were breathing. Are you starting to see this pattern? You are willing to go above and beyond for others, but my friend, you have to do that for yourself too!!!!

Keep your goal (not 100 goals) center focus. Ask yourself these things about your goal. Is it S.M.A.R.T.: specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented and time-bound? If not, restructure it and make sure it has all of these components! Ask yourself why it is important. Will you help you to live life to its fullest, with more satisfaction? What do you look like attaining your goal? Joyful, smiling, light, energetic!

Let these visions and feelings help you keep your goal front & center. Want a little more inspiration, check out some of my favorite, nutritionally dense recipes below for some healthy eating motivation. Keep going…you are worth it!!

Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili

Bison Cabbage Rolls

Bacon & Egg Cups & Quiche

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