Unplug and Reset

I wrote this post back in March before my trip but I didn’t quite have time to post it. I tried to post it last Friday and my site blocked me from getting in. Thank goodness for a husband who works in IT! Although we haven’t fully restored the photos yet and I can’t upload photos (sad face), at least the site is functioning – it’s all about perception right! Without further ado, some inspiration on how to reset emotionally from that negative cycle we all tend to get into occasionally.

Do you ever feel like you get stuck in your head? I am a planner, a thinker and I have a tendency, especially when I’m tired or have a difficult situation to work through, to replay stories and situations. In the process, I’m trying to work it out, to make sense of it, to create the best plan, to make it work. Really, this can be applied to so many different circumstances from when I schedule my hair appointment to family planning and everything in between.

As you can imagine it is difficult (and nearly impossibly although I try) to be fully grateful and happy in the present moment when the loop is in repeat mode and I’m trying to figure out how to manipulate every possible variable for the best outcome. Fortunately, over time I have developed some self awareness skills and I can recognize when I am in the cycle. There is a sense of uneasiness that consumes and replaces the sense of peace and calm that keeps me grounded and connected to what is truly important – being in the present. When I sense this I know it is time to reset.

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For some of you, you may identify with this feeling in relationship to your health and body. Perhaps you are suffering with an illness or disease and you think it’s your bodies fault. You keep replaying how and why your body would not work for you – how your body is betraying you. (Side note: You must let go of this belief in order for you body to heal – your body is amazing and does so much for you). Perhaps you are not happy with your weight or physique and you focus on being happy when you lose the weight. You do brain drills on what you eat, how you exercise and the scale is still not budging. Remember what we resist persists. As long as we keep replaying the same story, the conditions stay the same and so does our story.

Whatever your story is that keeps you spinning, I wanted offer some of my favorite go-to tips to emotionally resetting so you may experience the joy of the present moment.

  • Breathe and let go. Start to feel that tension in your body. Connect with it – what we feel, we heal. Realize that you are on the wheel and in the cycle. Start to reconnect to yourself, rather than the story, by just breathing. With each exhalation think of releasing that story. It does not serve your highest purpose.
  • Slow down and take time. It’s one minute, maybe five, maybe ten. Choose a comfortable space where you can relax. Your bed, the couch, the floor, your bathtub. Light a candle, turn down the lights. Again, find those slow deep nourishing breaths…in for four counts, hold for two, and exhale out for four. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Focus on your breath.
  • You will notice that the story and the reel starts to try to replay. Don’t get mad, but release it. Be in your body – scan it head to toe. Notice as you inhale, your chest and belly rise and as you exhale, everything falls back to center. Focus on your story falling from you, fading away, and you, body & mind, being back in center.
  • As you go throughout your day, rather than focusing on that story that makes you tense, think of things in your day that make you happy. Fresh air, sunshine, laughter, connecting with a friend or loved one – that divine dinner that you had last night, the sheets on your bed, how your pillow comforts you, the scent of lavender– it’s those simple things that we often take for granted that are truly special and make our day wonderful.
  • Finally, remember that the universe has your back. There is this truly amazing thing called divine timing that is much bigger than anything we could possibly imagine or try to create. Trust the process, that you are here (in your journey in this place and time) for a reason that serves your higher purpose. Can you clear enough space to let that purpose shine?

I hope this offers some sort of peace and clarity for you. May you have a beautiful weekend and begin to shed the layers of stories, thoughts and beliefs that keep you from pursuing and living your highest potential!

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