What I Ate: Quick Meal Ideas

I’m a fan of eating real, whole foods but I’m not so much a fan of being in the kitchen for hours on end. I do spend a fair bit of time with basic meal prep – washing all the veggies so they are ready, sometimes chopping them or adding them to the food processor for a mini salad bar, and always cooking some sort of animal protein like chicken, turkey, or bison along with a naturally gluten free grain like quinoa – this makes meal prep through the week so much faster!

In addition to prepping those items above, I also think of what type of sauce or dressing is a good pair for the food I’m making and I have that ready ahead of time. Sometimes, it’s something like the zucchini pesto, hummus, or dressing. I always like having marinara sauce on hand as well because it pairs well with nearly anything we have for a little Italian twist.  With these basics out of the way, I can throw together a meal in no time. Dinner for 2 is usually done in thirty minutes or less if you can believe it!

I hope these quickly put-together meals will inspire your creative side in the kitchen!

Items in order include:

  • cabbage wraps with caraflex cabbage, sautéed kale, chicken, & goat cheese with Carly’s Gold Mustard
  • green juice (Pressery is a local company with fantastic juices!)
  • scrambled eggs with smoked goat cheese & sautéed kale
  • chia seed pudding (here is a version) with banana slices, almond butter & cinnamon
  • chocolate protein shake
  • salad with Hilary’s veggie burger
  • sautéed kale & cabbage with turkey burger & marina sauce
  • quinoa with sautéed kale & cabbage with Carly’s Gold Mustard
  • salad with homemade lentil burger 

As you can see, I’m going through a bit of kale & cabbage phase…hello cruciferous veggies! I also had Carly’s Gold Mustard as part of a local event I was doing through Whole Foods and as you can see it is quite versatile although I’m not sure it would be a staple.

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